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I got it in my head that I needed to start a new project, and as I have made at least a dozen hats in the last few months, I decided to make a scarf. Now, I have a bunch of scarves, most of them are very wintery, thick, long, good for wrapping several times and keeping my neck and ears warm. I wanted one that was lighter. So I looked all over Ravelry for a pattern that I liked, a free pattern, no luck. The pattern I liked best was not free at all. So I studied the picture, then found other free versions and wrote some stuff down, a little math, adding, multiplying and figured it all out. Of course, it took 2 false starts and frogging (it means tearing apart your stitches) it out, then I got it down.


Isn’t that yarn pretty? It’s very fine, probably the thinnest I have ever worked with, and a little fiddly. It’s sock yarn, haha, it would make some crazy socks, I guess. When I have finished, I will post a proper pattern.

Also on the books today: baking! I am going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday and she always has pumpkin pie (like everyone) for dessert and I hate pumpkin pie. It’s so gross, ugh, think about it, like baby shit in a pie crust, so I have to come up with an alternative. Which means scouring the internet for autumnal dessert recipes. Today I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and they are pretty good. More like mini cake blobs (cakies?) than cookies, but still, tasty. I am probably going to end up making pumpkin roll, which is totally incredible and better then day after it’s made, or pumpkin brownies.  Oh, they both look good!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    ha,I make cakies too. Oatmeal cakies are scruptious.

  2. Caitlin Jane says:

    Oh, those do sound good. I think if I made these again, I would use brown sugar or maple syrup or something and maybe pumpkin pie spice, instead of just cinnamon. And maybe add in raisins too, just because I love raisins in cookies.

    Do you think I could just make these using regular cake batter? I have lemon cake mix, and that with some blueberries thrown in would be awesome.

  3. linda says:

    You are just the domestic goddess!!!!
    Thanks for the recipes, I’ll bemaking at least 2 of them. Pumpkin roll definitely.
    Ice cream rolls are good too!!!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Just cake batter and they’ll be too cakey, like cupcakes without form. A touch of oatmeal would make them more toothy and yes, yes, yes on the brown sugar. MMMMMM. Pumpkin spice I wasnt happy with but you might like it. It gave my pumpkin cakies (I too love to play in the kitchen) a bit of a wang. Not a penis, just a odd flavor. :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Also I just noticed that your cooling rack is the same as mine, a trivet. Really, cant we do better? How very funny and odd to see someone else using the exact same thing, not for it’s intended purpose.

  6. Caitlin Jane says:

    I thought it was a cooling rack! It’s pretty big, like, dinner plate sized, and not terribly stable. I think a heavy pot would kill it!

    My trivet is great, my mother gave it to me. It’s a pig.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I made one last year that I havent entirely finished in rag rug style, a rag trivet. Never seen it done and sure, it’s only a rag trivet because I lost desire long before it made it to rag rug status but still, it’ll work and will be far more useful with heavy pots than the cookie cooling one. The metal one slips and you do have to position what you are placing on it perfectly or be headed for disaster. Speaking of headed for disaster, gonna see redneck rock band Molly Hatchet at the National Shrimp Festival tomorrow. Woo. No, no, make that WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. *drunken redneck yell*

  8. Gillian says:

    Squash is “better” to use in recipes that call for pumpkin. I guess it’s more yummy flavor (and I find squash so easy to cook, much more than pumpkin).

    You could make spice cookies? Or an apple pie. Or key lime pie, just to mix it up. Mmmmmm, key lime pie.

  9. Emily says:


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