January 1, 2009 7

More Mexico, like you can get enough

By in a good day, we have fun

There are a couple pictures that I took that I like very much and that I think warrant further explanation. They were already posted on Zen, but I will provide the deets.

#1 The round rainbow, or roundbow. It was outside the flight from Toronto to Mexico City and followed us for a long time. As long as there was dense cloud cover, it was there. When I first spotted it, I thought it was an exhaustion induced hallucination, but no, it’s real.


#2 Fish on the beach…his teeth made me laugh. I’d watched an episode of the Sopranos recently, from the second season, where Tony dreams about Big Pussy talking to him, “You passed me over for promotion,” the Pussy fish tells him, “You knew.” And that’s what this fish reminded me of.

Pussy Fish

#3 Tigers! We were eating in a lovely restaurant-La Fonda-that has a very beautiful enclosed patio all covered in vines, shady and cool. And as we’re sitting waiting for our food, a loud noise that at first Shannon thought was something…but turned out to be the circus! A long line of cages on trailers, with tigers, panthers, leopards, hyenas. I got totally excited and was kind of dying to see the circus but Shannon proposed to me when we got back to the hotel and that was much nicer than any circus any day.


#4 Cactus Sanctuary. We weren’t sure what to expect, I mean, to me a sanctuary is a place that rescues things, protects them, but it seemed to me, driving through the desert, that the last thing that required saving or protection were cacti. They are everywhere in abundance. Well, this place was so lovely, paths winding in a cactus forest, all dense and about 10 degrees cooler than in the sun. I loved it. There was a graveyard there that was also amazing, so different than what you see here. It looked like a miniature version of a Mexican city.

Cactus heaven

7 Responses to “More Mexico, like you can get enough”

  1. Great photos, I totally remember the Sopranos episode you’re thinking of… hehe it works.

  2. Trigger says:

    That fish looks like it might be some kind of Trigger Fish, based on the mouth and the look of the scales….check them out…a pretty interesting group of fish if your into aquatic life.

  3. Gemma says:

    Hah, I love that episode! That picture makes me a bit sad though because I have a fish that looks just like it in my tank! His teeth aren’t quite so big yet, but he regularly attempts to take chunks out of me when it’s feeding time!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Deets always appreciated. :)

  5. Gemma says:

    Oh, and I agree with Trigger, definitely a Trigger Fish of some description as you can see its “triggers”, one on the top – above where it’s eye should be (I refer to the ones on top of my pair of blue throats as their “party hats” when they put them up!), and one underneath. They use them to lock themselves into rockwork so predators can’t pull them out :) (fish geek rambling now over!)

  6. Trigger and Gemma you two are so right, definitely a trigger fish, my first thought was parrot fish but nope!

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