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Computer tips from a non computer person

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I know, I’m the last person you’d expect computing help from, but I am here to tell you I learned about something that’s changed how I use the internets.

Two words: Google Reader. I think I first read about this via Dooce (or maybe linked from her blog) and I immediately followed all instructions and now I never miss anything on the blogs I read regularly.  It’s super simple, just plug in the blogs (or whatever) you read regularly and slide the Next button to your bookmarks bar and you’re done. Just click on that next button and it automatically zips to the entries you haven’t seen yet. Seriously, so easy.

Here is google reader settings, you click the goodies tab and you drag the “Next” button up to your bookmarks bar.  Then go here to paste in the blogs you want to stay up to date on (I am up to 12, so far). Done!

Oooh and reading this stuff over again I just added the handy dandy subscribe button (also under goodies) to my bookmark bar too for easy insta-subscribing! HA!

4 Responses to “Computer tips from a non computer person”

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for the info, Caitlin! Yours is the first blog I added to my GoogleReader.

  2. Caitlin Jane says:

    It was fun last night really digging in it while writing this blog entry. I’d already clicked publish when I discovered how to find out how many people subscribe to my blog (at that point 32) and to every other page I subscribe to. Interesting stuff, indeed.

  3. Rebekah says:

    i added you as soon as your fiance linked to you. i don’t usually comment but i never miss a post :)

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