January 31, 2011 7

Haha! Yay!

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So less than 13 hours after she last commented on my blog, my dear friend Ali had her damn baby! Daniel Clayton Mooney, born January 31 at 6:34 am, 6lbs 14oz, 20″ long.

Ali, you are going to be a GREAT MOM!!! You are going to ace this, I know it! I wish I could be there to help out more. And I hope your address hasn’t changed, ok?

Love you!

7 Responses to “Haha! Yay!”

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulations to your friend! Hope she had a fabulous birth experience!

  2. Laura says:

    I am commenting from an iPad in the apple store. Had to share!

  3. Caitlin Jane says:

    I thunk it might have been a breeze, considering the timing and it was her first. And she posted on fb less than an hour after, haha!

  4. Allahkat says:

    I actually considered posting, “BRB having baby” on FB before we set out, haha.
    It was VERY unexpected (well, you know what I mean) and very quick (thank god!). I will actually update my blog in the days to come with the whole tale.

  5. Caitlin Jane says:

    Are you home already? I can’t wait to see proper pictures of him, with you and with Kevin. Hurry please!

  6. Allahkat says:

    Yeah, like I said I on FB I thought if I shared an album, then other people would be able to see it without having to be friends with who had it in the first place. Working on that later.

  7. Steph says:

    Awe congrats’s on your new addition Alli!
    All the best to you & the little one :)

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