January 2, 2013 9

It’s still Wednesday

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I was sent this picture today and thought I should share it because we look so adorable in it. Me and my employer, Therasa. I’ve worked for her for more than 5 years now and most days feel like I am the third sister she never had (and realistically would probably hate me if I were, haha!). She is kind and funny and is a great distraction from days when my real life is getting me down.

It’s pretty obvious I adore her.

I’ll post a picture of my haircut as soon as a decent picture of me is taken (this one is about 2 months old).

9 Responses to “It’s still Wednesday”

  1. kevytee@gmail.com says:

    Love this photo

  2. JoAnn says:

    Terrific snap. Can’t wait to see you and new hairdo. xoxo

  3. Caitlin Jane says:

    Every picture I take of my new hair I wind up looking old and tired and it reminds me that I am old and tired. And I’m sick so that throws all perspective out the window.

  4. Miss Liss says:

    It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, gonna have me some fun!

    Not post-related, just a little message from a stranger.

    Hope you are well and not too overwhelmed.* Are you still crafting? It’s a great stress-release I find, especially something that uses up your brain with simple stuff: like cross stitch or lacy knitting. A good mathematical repeat helps me clear fuzzy thoughts and reset.

    Just because I thought of you today (it was snakeskin-leggin related).

    *”too overwhelmed” implies you can be just-the-right-amount overwhelmed, which hang on, I suppose you can be, if you’re overwhelmed with excitement or happiness or… ok now I’m rambling. Peace out. (‘ .’)/

  5. Miss Liss says:

    Oh Caitlin, when I posted the last, I didn’t know. I send you love and peace, my heart is aching.

    That Shannon should quote Keats made me start, Keats has been my succour in times of trouble. Perhaps Ode on Melancholy can help you, too. http://www.bartleby.com/126/48.html

    My condolences.
    Melissa George, Sydney

  6. Giddypony says:

    My very deepest sympathies to you and Nefarious.

  7. Vicky Dreamer says:

    <3 so sorry x

  8. Rhiannon says:

    I’m so sorry for you l

  9. Rhiannon says:

    My stupid iPhone posted before I finished – I’m so sorry for your loss – you and your family are in my thoughts today. X

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