December 12, 2013 1

Visitors from outer space

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This past Saturday morning my friend and extremely talented hairdresser showed up here. Seeing her after 2+ months was a huge thrill! Steph was a big comfort to me after Shannon died, she’d been through a similar experience and was able to relate. She gave me lots of tough love and washed my hair for me twice a week. For free. My hair. That’s love.

She went home yesterday so it was a quick visit but we went hard, beach every day, beer every night. Ridiculous. Tuesday was particularly party town, 5 of us went to the beach with 36 beers and had the most fun ever. Home by 5, replenished the beer supply and had a party in mine and my neighbour’s homes. Dancing. I’m covered in bruises again.

I have another friend coming this week but I suspect it won’t be as out of control.

No words necessary on this picture.


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  1. Laura says:

    A bit o’ fun. Sounds good. whereabouts are you?

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